Netflix is cashing in on the coronavirus quarantine with a new dating show that chronicles how scantily-clad singles get along while on a luxury beach vacation, with one caveat: they’re not allowed to get physical with each other, or even kiss, the streaming service announced Friday morning.

“Too Hot to Handle” gives viewers a glimpse at what happens with 10 serial singles are shipped to paradise for the chance to win $100,000 – but the money decreases each time they fall victim to their sexual desires.

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The men and women spoke to each other from inside their own date pods, which were separated by a wall that prevented them from being able to see each other.

Scene from Netflix's "Too Hot to Handle" (Netflix)

Netflix posted teasers for its newest show on Twitter and YouTube, but the risqué videos are too provocative to show.

“Too Hot To Handle puts to the test whether these hot singletons can find emotional connection without the sex,” Netflix said in its YouTube announcement.

The show was filmed over a year ago and has been scheduled for months to air on April 17.

Screengrab of Netflix's teaser for "Too Hot to Handle" (YouTube)

Nielsen's ratings report released earlier this week shows roughly 34.3 million people watched “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” in the first 10 days after its March 20 release, Adweek reported.

The staggering viewership numbers are second only to season three of Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” which garnered an American audience of 36.3 million people for the same ten-day period, according to the report.

The streaming service is expected to release more numbers on April 21, when it announces its earnings.