"Fear the Walking Dead" star Danay Garcia has been spending her coronavirus quarantine time in Austin, Texas.

The AMC series is currently on a production hiatus and the 35-year-old actress, like many of us, has a lot of newly created free time. To keep her mind, body and spirit strong Garcia has created a new quarantine routine for herself and it includes everything from gardening to video chatting with fans.

Garcia's usual call time for "Fear" is 4 a.m. and her days on set are long, so her schedule is completely different.

"Now that I have my mornings back, the first thing that I do is stretch," Garcia told Fox News. She also has created a routine of making her bed every morning because "it makes me feel better," she said.

Then she does either a 50, 30 or 20-minute workout depending on she feels. Garcia uses the app Alo Moves to help her stay motivated and give her new exercise ideas. "I do that in the morning and because I can't go for a run," she said.

Keeping this small routine helps her feel "more in control" during this uncertain and anxiety-producing time.

To help keep her mind busy, Garcia started using audiobooks at home, which she loves to listen to "while I move around; while I clean and do stuff," she explained.

Plus, the Cuban native picked up some new interests with so much downtime: gardening and calligraphy.

Garcia also recommends buying flowers for yourself. Every time she has ventured out to the grocery store, Garcia picks up a bouquet. She believes having color in her house, literally and metaphorically, brightens up her day.

And to stay connected to her "Fear" fans, Garcia does live chats with her followers on social media three times a week. Interacting with fans -- even just virtually -- has helped the actress feel less alone.

"We can get through this because, in the end, we are in this together," she said. "This is the first time in history that we are all dealing with the same issue, which is the virus. We're not alone in this."