Mia Farrow’s daughter, 26, hospitalized for coronavirus, actress asks for prayers

One of Mia Farrow's daughters has been hospitalized after contracting COVID-19.The "Great Gatsby" actress announced on social media that her adopted daughter, Quincy Farrow, had no choice but to seek care at a hospital after contracting the novel coronavirus at age 26."A personal request. If you would be so kind, would...

Maher blasts ‘PC’ police for taking offense to ‘Chinese virus’

"Real Time" host Bill Maher slammed the "PC police" Friday night for overreacting to the "Chinese virus" labeling controversy.As the coronavirus outbreak continued spreading across the U.S., President Trump and others sparked a national debate by referring to the disease as the "Chinese coronavirus" or the "Wuhan virus" because it began infecting people in Wuhan, China.

Stars catch backlash for tone-deaf comments about lavish lifestyles in quarantine

Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner grew up in the spotlight, but that doesn't mean the public wants to hear about the luxurious lives they lead amid the coronavirus pandemic.Bieber and his wife, Hailey Baldwin, joined Jenner for an Instagram Live chat on Friday, where the trio discussed how "blessed" they are for what they have while so many others...

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