New England Patriots tight end Benjamin Watson revealed over the weekend he was receiving a four-game suspension for taking a banned substance under the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy.

Watson, who unretired to sign a one-year deal with the defending Super Bowl champions, made the revelation on social media and addressed his suspension on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday.

“I was prescribed testosterone from a doctor for my nervous system as well as other injuries and overall health and imbalances for a long time but haven’t been able to address. I’m moving forward in my life trying to be healthy that’s what I did,” Watson said.

He said he wasn’t even thinking about the testosterone when he took the test. He said he immediately let teams know that he had failed the test and was grateful the Patriots still wanted to move forward.

Watson released a statement on his suspension Sunday. He told “Fox & Friends” he hated not being able to speak on the failed drug test and used the moment to teach his kids about the consequences of breaking the rules.

“It’s had a great response and it turned into an opportunity to tell my kids about rules, about honesty, about integrity. I’m upset I won’t be able to play those four games,” Watson said.

Watson, who previously played with the Patriots from 2004 to 2009, played for the New Orleans Saints in 2018. He caught 35 balls for 400 yards and two touchdowns in 16 games.