Heads up, consumers: Kroger has issued a recall of some of its frozen berries over a possible Hepatitis A contamination.

In a statement Friday, Kroger announced it was recalling potentially contaminated items from its “Private Selection” brand. Those items include its Private Selection Frozen Triple Berry Medley (16 oz) and Private Selection Frozen Triple Berry Medley (48 oz). The Private Selection Frozen Blackberries (16 oz) are also subject to the recall. "Customers who have purchased these products should not consume them and should return them to a store for a full refund or replacement," the company said in the statement.

Kroger issued the recall after it was “informed by the FDA that a sample of the Private Selection frozen berries was tested by the FDA and found to be contaminated with Hepatitis A," the company said. However, no illnesses have been reported at this time.

The frozen berries, which were manufactured by Townsend Farms, per the company’s statement, were distributed to Kroger stores nationwide.

Hepatitis A is a “highly contagious” liver infection is caused by the Hepatitis A virus, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The virus typically spreads when a person eats or drinks something “contaminated by small, undetected amounts of stool from an infected person,” the health agency said.

Those who contract Hepatitis A — not to be confused with hepatitis B or C, which are caused by different viruses — may be sick for “several weeks" and usually fully recover, according to the CDC. It is rare to die from the illness, though Hepatitis A can cause liver failure and death, typically in those who are 50 years of age or older.

Symptoms include fever, fatigue, dark urine, vomiting, joint pain and jaundice, among other signs.

While Hepatitis A infections do occur in the U.S., infections are more common in developing countries where sanitation and hygiene are poor, the CDC says, which also noted the disease is preventable with a vaccine.