Fiat Chrysler Opens a New Window.  announced a recall Opens a New Window. Friday that will affect close to 343,000 Ram pickup trucks worldwide due to a software error that could potentially cause airbags and seat belts to not work properly during a crash, the company said.

Fiat Chrysler issued the recall for some 2019 model Ram 1500 pickups, nearly one-third of which remain in dealers’ possession, the company said in a news release Opens a New Window. . It also includes 26 “pre-production trucks” that are 2020 models; however, those vehicles remain in Fiat’s control, it said.

“An FCA US investigation discovered certain vehicles are equipped with occupant restraint control modules that may not properly reset when their engines are turned off,” FCA said in a statement. “This software error may inadvertently disable air bags and seat belt pretensioners, making these devices unavailable in a collision.”

There haven’t been any related injuries or accidents brought to Fiat Chrysler's attention, the company said. It decided to issue the recall as a cautionary measure.

Most of the recalled trucks are in North America, the company said.