“I'm a divorce attorney in Boston. I love what I do for several reasons. I love helping people go through one of the toughest and most emotional episodes in their lives. When we're done, usually they're in a better place to start building a new future. I also love what I do because I like hearing all the stories about people's families. It's like an interactive daytime soap opera.”

Gabriel Cheong, Esq., Infinity Law Group


“I love that being an attorney can afford you opportunities in so many areas – law, business, marketing, etc. I have used my legal degree to practice law, to teach law, to work in corporate (in-house and then to run a division), and now as an entrepreneur. All of these facets of being an attorney make it so worthwhile.”

Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation.com


“I love being an attorney because of the freedom it brings! I don't mean the freedom that money can bring but rather, I enjoy the freedom my career provides in that, on a daily basis, I can stimulate my logical mind, I get to think creatively, I get to delve into business, I get to volunteer, I get to write, I get to present, and the list goes on. I can think of no other career that affords so many different types of opportunities, (ie: freedom) and that is why I love being an attorney.”

Christopher A. Johnston, Johnston Martineau, PLLP


“The best part of being an attorney is that moment when you lay out all of your clients options and help them make a smart decision based upon the reality of the system in which we work and their legal issue gets resolved and put behind them.  People who come to an attorney often feel like they have been wronged and they are seeking what they perceive to be justice. This sense of injustice is a great weight to carry on one's shoulders. There are times when a case that has drug on for months or even years finally comes to resolution and you can almost see this weight lifted off the client's’ shoulders.”

Paul H. Cannon, Simmons and Fletcher, P.C.


“I am a Florida family law attorney, and though my work is often emotional and stressful, I truly feel honored that people trust me during such difficult times of their lives. I love being able to help clients navigate through hardship to positive changes. There is nothing more rewarding that hearing from past  clients that they’re doing well following the conclusion of their case.”

Cydney Bulger, The Bulger Firm PLLC


“I have been practicing law for several years, prior to that I was a law enforcement officer, and the military. As an attorney, I am empowered to help people solve simple and complex problems. I love having the ability to make real change and a real impact in the lives of my clients. Most resolutions come outside the court, and the most impactful resolutions come from the desires of my client. For the first time in my life I am in a position to truly change people’s lives in a positive way and I love what I do.”

Jeff Van Fleet, Woodhouse Roden Nethercott, LLC


“Being an attorney is like being a surgeon, the only difference is, there’s another surgeon across the table from you working to undo everything you seek to accomplish. By nature our job is adversarial, but it’s the adversarial nature that fuels me like no other profession could. My client’s claim is only as good as my performance. Knowing my client’s fate depends on my performance fuels me to my core. Getting a good result for my client is icing on the cake.”

Hannah B. Salter, Cardone Law Firm


“I love being an attorney because it gives me flexibility and confidence in life.  First, I can make my own hours, choose my days off, and when I work from home or go into the office.  Similarly, that flexibility means that I don't have someone looking over my shoulder constantly, so long as I keep performing at a high level.  As a gay man living in a midwest state, knowledge of the law gives me the confidence to move through life without worry that myself or my husband may be discriminated against or taken advantage of by an authority or company.  Putting those two things together, the law has allowed me to carve out a life of significance without sacrificing anytime from my family.”

Brad Biren, Johnston Martineau, PLLP


“I love being an attorney because I get to live a childhood dream everyday. I also love it because I get to spend a lot of time in court where the action. However, the most important reason why love being an attorney is the positive impact my actions have on my client's lives. “

Arash Hashemi, Law Offices of Arash Hashemi


“I love being an attorney because I feel like I learned a secret, difficult language, and I can now use that interpretation skill to help a wide range of people. I can take something complex and break it down so that it's simple to understand. My clients might look at a legal document and see a bunch of words that don't make sense, but I see words that came about because of the stories behind them. I can imagine future stories and how these words will affect them. I've used my skills to help families, parents, business owners, nonprofits, homeless people, poor people, domestic violence victims, children, and many others. It's an honor and privilege to be able to do so.”

Candice N. Aiston, Aiston Law LLC


“I love being an attorney.  Very often, our clients have been through a traumatic event and need an understanding ear. It’s immensely gratifying to say “I hear you, and you’re not alone in this.” There’s a lot that I love about the practice of law, but being there for someone in a time of need really makes this a wonderful career.”

Justin Roberts, Roberts & Roberts Law Firm


“It sounds cliche, but I love helping people who have nowhere else to turn.  Being an attorney gives you credibility to solve problems and disputes. People turn to me to protect their freedom and their money, and I get a great deal of self-satisfaction out of that responsibility.  Being an attorney gives me credibility to speak to local elected officials and politicians, which in turn gives me the ability to create change in my community.”

Steven M. Katz, The Law Office of Steven M. Katz, LLC


“As an attorney I have a rare opportunity to be a "professional" at more than just the law. One day I may be in court, but, the next day I am a marketer. Some days I am a therapist to my divorce clients in addition to being their lawyer. As the owner of my practice I must also be a great salesman. This profession constantly challenges me to read books and learn more to perfect my craft. This makes me a better person for my family and for my clients. If I had not become a lawyer I never would have realized how smart, driven and charismatic I was and that is what I love about being a lawyer.”

Sean Smallwood, Law Offices of Sean Smallwood, P.A.


“Being an attorney, especially in criminal law, is like waking up in an episode of “Law and Order” every day. Each new client is a new story. I love putting myself in their shoes, telling their story, and determining how best to solve their problem. There is no greater rush than being in front of a jury and advocating for someone else. I also love how versatile a law degree is - you can practice law, participate in government, teach, write, and even operate a business. On any given day, I am doing all of those things. While it is not perfect, I love watching the system every day and the constant endeavor to ensure fairness and respect for the rule of law.”
Clarence M. Dass, The Dass Law Firm


“Why do I like being a lawyer? Because I find the practice of law highly engaging. It constantly presents new challenges and exposure to new areas of business, legal issues, and clients. In particular, I enjoy the opportunity my practice gives me to really get to know a client’s operations, which enables our firm to address their needs, and to anticipate issues, often before the client does. I like that I can structure my practice in a manner that permits me to keep client business goals top of mind when addressing a potential legal obstacle. And I like being able to remind clients that it is my job, as their attorney, to ensure their businesses thrive, not to erect legal obstacles to hinder growth. Lastly, what I find most gratifying is how often these business relationships quickly develop into friendships, which makes the practice of law all the more rewarding for me.”

Joshua S. Bauchner, Partner, Ansell Grimm & Aaron, PC